Billy Butcherson | Dead Leaves. Grave Dirt. Sage. Spice. | Wax Melt
Billy Butcherson | Dead Leaves. Grave Dirt. Sage. Spice. | Wax Melt

Billy Butcherson | Dead Leaves. Grave Dirt. Sage. Spice. | Wax Melt

Wench! Trollop! You buck-toothed, mop-riding, firefly from Hell! ...I've waited centuries to say that.

Inspired by Billy from Hocus Pocus.

scent profile
a secluded cemetery, quiet except for the sound of leaves rustling, a freshly dug grave under the pale moonlight

top: cedar leaf, sage
middle: pine, spiced fruit
bottom: earth, musk, fresh dirt

This melt is natural color wax.

About our melt wax
Our wax melt blend is a natural soy wax and is specifically formulated for melts to allow for an increased fragrance load for a longer lasting scent experience. It also has a harder consistency to remove easily from packaging and from your melter after use. Each batch is hand poured and blended with phthalate free fragrances. “Frosting” is normal with soy wax, and it will not affect the scent or fragrance throw. Since these are 100% handmade, please note that slight variations are possible with each batch of wax melts or candles. They are one of a kind! 

Size options
*3 oz clamshell - traditional plastic clamshell that easily breaks into cubes.
*3 oz wax waffle - a waffle shaped piece of wax that can be broken or cut to size. Packaged in an eco-friendly glassine envelope.
*sample - approximately .75 oz of wax in a square shape. Can be cut in half for more than one melt. Packaged in a glassine bag.

How to use
Break off a piece of wax (depending on the size of your melter and room) and place in the dish of your melter. Enjoy the scent for 8+ hours. You can reuse the wax melts a few hours at a time until the fragrance has burned away.

Tip to remove wax from your melter
Once the wax has completely cooled, simply place the dish of your melter in the freezer for 10-15 minutes or until the wax has hardened and comes out easily. If you have a melter that is particularly difficult to remove wax from, you can use a silicone cup (such as a regular baking muffin/cupcake size) on top of the dish and melt/remove your wax from that rather than the dish itself. 

Note on eco-friendly packaging vs plastic
Plastic free is a great option if you're eco-conscious and will be using your melts right away, however non-polypropylene plastic could leech scent from the wax and leave your wax with little to no fragrance if left for an an extended period of time. If you won't use your melts within 3 months of purchase and prefer plastic free, I recommend transferring them to an airtight container to maintain the best quality scent throw. The traditional clamshell will allow for extended shelf time without any scent loss or need to transfer to a secondary container. 

This label features a contemporary image. Quote is from Hocus Pocus.