Mystery Perfume

Mystery Perfume

<Mystery Perfume> We have a few perfume oils left over from last year - help us clear our shelves while getting a great deal! These perfumes are *half off* retail price! You will be sent one at random, so if you like surprises & great deals then you won't want to miss this!

Mystery Perfumes can include anything from seasonal to non-seasonal scents released last year. *Mystery Perfumes will not be sent in regular the muslin bag packaging.*

**Please note if ordering multiple perfumes you may receive multiples of the same scent depending on stock availability.  

Our perfume oils feature premium fragrances blended with fractionated coconut oil. We use a high percentage of fragrance in our perfumes so a little perfume will go a long way. The vintage inspired square glass bottle looks perfect on any dresser, vanity or bookshelf. 

Net Weight: 8ml

About Perfume Oils
Perfume oils have a more subtle projection than alcohol based spray perfumes. Perfume oils wear closer to skin, like a secret. Coconut oil as a base is nourishing and non-drying, which moisturizes while retaining the scent longer on the skin.

How to Use
Use your fingertip to apply oil to pressure points (wrist, neck, behind ears, inside of elbows). 

Fractionated coconut oil, fragrance oil. 

**Please patch test prior to use to ensure no allergic reaction.

**All fragrances used by Wick Wish are phthalate free.

**Please note ingredients for potential allergy concerns. These products are made in an environment around nut oils.**