Snowbound - Candle Only Box
Snowbound - Candle Only Box

Snowbound - Candle Only Box

"In winter / all the singing is in / the tops of the trees"

Our 2019 Winter Quarterly box is called Snowbound, featuring worlds buried in snow and stories where flakes fall silent through frosted windows. You will see items inspired by Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, Agatha Christie, Game of Thrones, Little Women, and more.

**NOTE: not all properties listed as inspiration will be included in the candle-only box. To receive items featuring all properties please purchase the Regular Box.

The CANDLE ONLY BOX contains:
* (3) 4oz soy candles - one has been revealed: Through the Wardrobe. The other two will remain a surprise.

Snowbound is available for pre-order for two weeks and will ship in early December. This option will only be available until sold out. Other items may be purchased with this box, however you will not receive multiple shipments. Any additional items purchased with this box will all ship together in early December. 

* Note: This listing is for the CANDLE ONLY BOX. Please see the other listings for the REGULAR BOX or ENAMEL PIN ONLY option.

Quote is from "White Eyes" by Mary Oliver