Lit Ships | Captain Swan | February 2020 | Pre-Order
Lit Ships | Captain Swan | February 2020 | Pre-Order

Lit Ships | Captain Swan | February 2020 | Pre-Order

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"I will find you. I will always find you."

Lit Ships features your favorite ships -- that couple you’ll stan until the end of time, that friendship you’d die for -- in an exclusive layered candle featuring two scents in a single jar with colored wax! Offering this unique collection with colored wax will allow you to see each layer as you burn your candle. Each Lit Ship will only be available during the month it debuts, then it will be gone forever!

February 2020 features our favorite badass couple from Once Upon a Time, Killian & Emma, also known as Captain Swan. These scents can be purchased as the layered Lit Ship or individually later in February. 


top: pineapple, citrus, rum
middle: coconut cream, floral, wood
bottom: sugary musk, caramel, vanilla, sea moss, amber

Bottom layer - Emma Swan | HOT CHOCOLATE. CINNAMON.

top: cinnamon, milk chocolate
middle: cinnamon, clove, fresh cream
bottom: dark chocolate, orange, vanilla

This is an exclusive release that will only be available during the month it debuts. Lit Ships are only available in 8oz jars with wood wicks.

**PRE-ORDER INFO** This pre-order will be available for purchase during the month of February and will ship early March, dependent on demand. Other items can be added to your cart with this item, however all items will ship together in March. If you purchase this and would like to combine shipping at a later date with additional items, please email your order numbers to

Our candles are made with 100% soy wax and phthalate free fragrances. Each scent is hand blended and made in small batches in our small candle studio in Northern California. 

Please note color may vary by batch. Quote is from Once Upon a Time.

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