Made to Order | Choose Your Scent | Perfume Oil
Made to Order | Choose Your Scent | Perfume Oil
Made to Order | Choose Your Scent | Perfume Oil

Made to Order | Choose Your Scent | Perfume Oil

Wick Wish is happy to present CHOOSE YOUR SCENT! If you've been wanting any of our past releases, now is your chance. Every scent we can currently mix up for you is included on the list below. We will be updating this list as scents sell out, so if you don't see what you want, unfortunately it's no longer available.

Choose Your Scent is available in candles, wax melts and perfume oils. Please refer to separate listings and review each scent list as they may differ. **Also note that Haunted scents are in a separate listing!**

**PLEASE NOTE: Choose Your Scents are all made to order. Orders will be filled as they are received. If a scent you requested happens to sell out before your order is made, you will be contacted to choose a replacement.

Turn around time is dependent on the number of open orders. Please only order if you don't mind potentially 3-4 weeks for your order to be processed. **


  1. Add your preferred size and quantity to cart
  2. In the notes to seller, include which scent you want, and in what size and product (for example: Audrey Rose/8oz candle or Audrey Rose/perfume oil).

Available Scents
221B / earl gray tea, slice of lemon
A Little Princess / cake, pistachio, cardamom, rosewater
Agent Carter / rose, cognac, black amber, vanilla
Anne Shirley / cotton pinafores, wildflowers, clover
Archie Andrews / bergamot, sandalwood, cologne
Asteroid B612 / rose jam, baby powder, vanilla
Audrey Rose / victorian rose, chai spice, tea leaves
Bella Swan / strawberry shampoo, green apple, soft woods
Belle / fresh snow, wild rose
Blackthorn Breakfast / blueberry pancakes, maple syrup
Caraval / apple, salted caramel, spice
Central Perk / hazelnut latte, toasted marshmallow
Circe / red wine, berries, incense, oud
Clan Fraser / scottish whiskey, oatcakes, hearth embers
Daisy / pink champagne, grapefruit, mint leaf
Deerslayers / green fig, jasmine, hoeny, moss
Diana Bishop / honeysuckle, lavender, black tea
Dinna Fash, Sassenach / amber, rain, scottish moss, musk
Dustin / chocolate pudding, fruit punch
Eat the Rude / dark plum, golden amber, musk
Emma Swan / hot chocolate, cinnamon
Fangorn Forest / fig, oakmoss, green leaves
Gansey / woods, leather, mint
Gatsby / pressed linen, lemon peel, bourbon
Jane Austen / lilac, blueberries, mahogany
Jem Carstairs / honey, antique sandalwood, violin polish
Jughead / diner coffee, cedarwood, amber
London Institute / lapsang souchong, rain, foggy evenings
Los Angeles Institute / coconut, lime verbena, beach grass
Loser's Club / white tea, red ginger, saffron
Miss Fisher / pink champagne, strawberries, fresh flowers
Mrs. Maisel / red wine, raspberry, citrus, plum, freesia
New York Institute / lavender latte, burnt sugar
Nikolai / sea water, fresh air, amber, musk
Peter K / mocha, cinnamon sugar doughnuts
Practical Magic / pumpkin, oud, black currant tea
Sabrina / spiced cider, goat's milk, honey
Sansa / black chamomile, lily, frost
Sarah Sanderson / apple, mahogany, dulce de leche
Sherlock / pipe tobacco, rain, black pepper
Sleepy Hollow / apple, maple, bourbon, lemon
Steve / cedarwood, vanilla ice cream, caramelized pralines
Strange and Unusual / absinthe, cinnamon, black lace
Tessa Gray / buttermilk, brown sugar, amber
The Diviners / gin, honey, lemon juice
The Ice Dance / lemon verbena, frosted mint, peony
Theta Knight / toasted marshmallow, burning embers
Thomas Cresswell / tobacco, leather, cedar, basil
Time Stops / caramel popcorn, spiced cider, daffodils
Veronica Lodge / blood orange mimosa
Wildfell Hall / wild blackberry, herbs, green fields
Will Herondale / leather, old books, musk


If Ready to Ship items are purchased with Made to Order/Choose Your Scent candles, all will ship together in one package. Returns not accepted on Choose Your Scent items unless your first choice scent is unavailable.

Our candles are made with 100% soy wax and phthalate free fragrances. Each scent is hand blended and made in small batches in our small candle studio in Northern California. 

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