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SALE - Choose Your Scent - Soy Coconut Candles

SALE - Choose Your Scent - Soy Coconut Candles

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Champagne Problems: sparkling champagne, golden raisins, red plum, grapefruit

City of the Dead: Egyptian musk, sandalwood, white lotus, warm sands

Crimson Peak: tea leaves, firethorn berries, bergamot 

Dinna Fash, Sassenach: amber, rain, scottish moss, musk

Hawkins, IN: fresh rain, fog, blueberry waffles 

Nikolai: sea water, fresh air, amber, musk

Over the Garden Wall: apple butter, autumn, caramel, apple cider

Scoops Ahoy: USS Butterscotch: butterscotch, corn flakes, apple, marshmallow fluff 

Scoops Ahoy: USS Caramel: vanilla ice cream, caramelized pralines, palo santo

Stars Hollow: caramel latte, pumpkin cream, leaves

The Crow Club: spiced plum, roasted chestnuts, golden amber, cardamom, clove

The Upside Down: fallen leaves, damp earth, moss 

Victorian Gothic Heroine: sultry florals, amber, tobacco, warm musky vanilla


Our candles are made with soy coconut blend wax, natural cotton wicks, and premium fragrance oils. Our wax is custom blended, vegan, and clean burning. All our candles are dye free and phthalate free to maintain the most natural product possible. 

For tips on how to properly burn a candle, please visit our Candle Care Guide.

**Never leave a lit candle unattended or near children or pets.

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