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She is Fierce - Perfume Oil

She is Fierce - Perfume Oil

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sweet amber, clove, oud, orchid, tonka bean, vanilla musk

scent profile
amber - woody - gourmand - musk

top: sweet amber, clove
middle: guaiacwood, orchid
bottom: cedarwood, sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla musk


What are perfume oils?
Perfume oils have a more subtle projection than alcohol based spray perfumes. Perfume oils wear closer to skin, like a secret...catch delicate whispers as you move throughout your day. They are also the perfume type with the highest concentration of fragrance, and therefore are some of the longest lasting, often up to 6 hours. Longevity can vary by scent and person, as we each have our own unique skin chemistry.

About our perfume oils
Wick Wish uses organic fractionated coconut oil as a carrier, which is unscented, skin-nourishing, non-drying, and non-greasy. Our fragrance blends are a mixture of synthetic and natural oils. We use the highest skin-safe concentration of fragrance possible, and only phthalate free, paraben free, non-GMO, and always cruelty free ingredients.

Our perfumes are packaged in a vintage inspired 8ml square glass bottle with an open top, meant to be applied to skin with finger tips. 

How to Use
Please allow your perfume oil to rest for 48 hours after its journey to you. This will allow the fragrance to settle and provide you with the best experience.

Use your fingertip to apply oil to pulse points - wrist, neck, behind ears, inside of elbows, or the base of the throat. Body heat will activate the perfume and help it blend with your natural body chemistry.

Reapply as needed, generally every 6 hours or so, once the scent has faded.

To store, keep perfume oils upright in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Perfume oils are made to order. Please allow up to 14 business days for your order to ship.

**Please patch test prior to use to ensure no allergic reaction. Discontinue use if reaction occurs. Meant to applied to skin only, do not ingest.

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