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Winter & Holiday - Choose Your Scent - Wax Melt - Clamshell

Winter & Holiday - Choose Your Scent - Wax Melt - Clamshell

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❆ Winter & Holiday Clamshell Scent List ❆


🔔 A Christmas Carol - cranberry marmalade, stewed apples, cinnamon strudel {new}

🛌🏾 Bedtime Stories - berries, white cashmere, oak, vanilla, sandalwood {new}

🌨️ December Mornings - winter air, peppermint, vanilla

🌙 Dreamwalker - lavender coconut milk, warm vanilla sugar {new}

🎁 Fezziwig’s Christmas Party - creamy eggnog, nutmeg, hint of rum

📚 Fireside Stories - cozy flannel, roasted chestnuts, fireside embers {new}

🌲 folklore - fir branches, moss, amber, wooden cabins, old forest

🥛 Hansel & Gretel - iced gingerbread and milk {reformulated}

🌬️ In the Bleak Midwinter - dark fruits, absinthe, merlot, frankincense, myrrh {new}

🍊 Little Women - spiced oranges, fir trees, cinnamon

🚂 Polar Express - peppermint meringues, danish butter cookies {new}

🧦 Rosehill Cottage - English woods, whipped caramel, bourbon vanilla {new}

❄️ The Fir Tree - fir balsam, pine needles, cedar {new}

🎅🏻 ‘Twas the Night Before - double chocolate cookies, spiced apple garlands {new}

🌰 Winter on Main Street - cocoa butter, cashmere, chestnuts

🫖 Winter Witch - peppermint tea, rosemary, cranberries, winter woods

🌨️ Winternight - alpine balsam, juniper, pine, red currant, cypress, cedar {new}

🌿 Wuthering Heights - wild mint, chamomile, hay, beeswax, bay leaf, oakmoss


Net weight: approx. 3oz

About our melts
Our wax melts are hand poured in small batches using a custom parasoy wax blend and premium, phthalate free fragrances. The maximum amount of fragrance is added to each melt for strong and long lasting scent throw. Our toppings are biodegradable plant based eco-glitters and botanicals. Since our melts are handmade, there may be variation in color and/or toppings (glitter, mica, botanicals) from batch to batch.

How to Use
We recommend melting approximately .5-1oz wax (1-2 clamshell cubes) at a time, though you should experiment to find your personal preference. You can use a bulb, tea light, or hot plate style melter, however we like hot plate style best (20 watts or greater).

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