UK Customers: Purchasing post-Brexit

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Brexit is adding new requirements on small business owners outside the UK by putting the burden of calculating and collecting VAT on us, rather than the typical process of having the customer pay when picking up their package. 

It's helpful for the buyer to know their overall fees prior to committing to a sale, however, the additional steps to register and regularly remit taxes to the HMRC is more complicated than I am able to readily set up for. The good news is -- Etsy will do the work for me if sales to the UK are processed through them. Until I get to the point where I can maintain inventory on both my website and Etsy, the process for a customer located in the UK will be a few extra steps. So please bear with me for the time being, and if you are a UK customer looking to make a purchase, please follow the steps below.

1. Add items to your cart like normal on

2. At checkout, use code UKCUSTOMER and your product total will be set at $0.

3. Your shipping will also be $0 once you enter your UK shipping address.

4. Ensure you enter a working email otherwise I will not be able to contact you to complete your order!

5. Complete checkout -- your total should not exceed $0 -- by submitting your order.

**By submitting your order initally for $0 on, a hold will be placed on the items you wish to purchase. I will take your invoice and create a custom listing on Etsy with your items and Etsy will calculate the appropriate VAT -- estimate 20% of the order total (including shipping) to anticipate what you will owe. Once your custom listing is created, I will use the email address provided on your order to send you a link.

6. Use the Etsy link I send via email to complete your purchase. You will be able to see tracking updates in your Etsy portal once your order ships. 

Please refer to the below 'Rest of World' column for shipping estimates, which are based on the overall weight of your order. Most UK orders fall into the 1-3lb category (please also add approx $1.35 extra for ship insurance that will cover up to $300 in case your package arrives damaged or gets lost).

UK shipping cost

If you would like a shipping estimate prior to purchase, please contact me prior to checking out on and I would be happy to help.  

I hope the extra step of checking out 'officially' on Etsy isn't too much hassle, but for the time being it's the best process to ensure I can continue shipping to the UK while maintaining proper tax requirements for my business. This process will be reviewed and adjusted as needed.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact me.