Master Scent List

Last updated 9/13/20

This is the current master list of Wick Wish scents. It will be updated as past scents return to the shop or new ones are added, however not everything on this list is always available, so it is for reference only. Some scents may not be on the list for several reasons; certain fragrance oils may have been discontinued or I may want to create an improved version in the future.


A World of Octobers - pumpkin cake, brown sugar, spice

Autumn Court - autumn air, oak mulled cider, crisp leaves

Autumn Reads - apple streusel, harvest hayride, warm doughnuts


Bibliophile - caramel macchiato, brown sugar, steamed milk

The Black Pearl - ghost ship, thick fog, murky ocean depths

Bly Manor - bitter coffee, woodsmoke, pumpkin, spice

Breakfast at Tiffany's - coffee, buttery pastries, maple sugar

Breakfast Club - fruit looks cereal, cold milk


City of the Dead - Egyptian musk, sandalwood, white lotus, warm sands

Covenant - bonfire, ink, dark woods, wind-blown leaves


Dark Academia - dusty tomes, cashmere, black currant tea

Death by Stereo - black amber musk, dragon’s blood

Dorian Gray - red wine, dark cherries, ambered chocolate, sandalwood


Edward Cullen - woods, damp earth, saffron, cologne

Eleven - pumpkin pecan waffles, apple compote

Ever After - apple orchard, lake water, rain drops


Flo's Float - root beer, vanilla ice cream, Corn Pops

Forks, WA - redwood, cedar, berries, coconut milk


Halloweentown - pumpkin chai tea, salted caramel

Hocus Pocus - toasted marshmallow, woods, spice

The Headless Horseman - pumpkin whiskey, spiced bread, dead leaves


Inej - palo santo, patchouli, jasmine, leather

IT - candied apples, petrichor, damp earth


Lottie - butterscotch mallow, peach, pink orchid

Luke's Diner - banana French toast, cinnamon, coffee


Morticia & Gomez - dark florals, amber noir, black currant


New Orleans Square - mint julep, sugared citrus peel, iced tea


Practical Magic - pumpkin, black currant tea, oud


Sabrina - spiced cider, goat’s milk, honey

The Spellman Kitchen - candy corn cupcakes, vanilla buttercream

Stars Hollow - caramel latte, pumpkin cream, leaves

Strange & Unusual - absinthe, cinnamon, black lace


Tiana - water lily, green apple, sea salt