General FAQs

Are your products ready to ship (RTS)?

Most of our products are made prior to listing and are ready to ship, except our Signature Collection, perfume oils, or items labeled as 'pre-order'. On occasion, we will make items to order that do not have a long lead time, therefore not affecting the turn around time (such as our hand stamped necklaces). RTS allows us to turn around orders quicker, however it also means that quantities may be limited. If you see something you want, don't wait! If you do miss out, we are always happy to hear your restock requests via our Instagram or Facebook page.

Can I get more info about your Signature Collection?

Our Signature Collection features bestsellers and beloved favorites that will be available year-round so you never run out. Candles, melts, and perfumes are included, and will be available in two different label options: full color, and minimal text on creme paper - so you can adorn your bookshelves in whichever style suits you best.

These scents will be made to order, so please anticipate a longer turn around time than items in general restocks.

Will new scents be added to the Signature Collection?

Yes! We aim to add new scents throughout the year - while still keeping the collection a manageable size - and possibly retiring some after they have had their time in the sun.

How much is US shipping?

US Shipping is as follows

1 - 13 oz / USPS First Class / $6.50

14 oz - 2.5 lbs / USPS Priority / $8.50

2.6 lbs - 3.5 lbs / USPS Priority / $11.50

3.6 lbs - 4.5 lbs / USPS Priority / $13.50

4.6 lbs - up / USPS Priority / $14.50

**Please note: We do our best to set our rates so you will be charged only what it costs to ship. We do not make profit on shipping. It's a constant guessing game to find the perfect size box and/or shipping service to get you the best and most affordable shipping. The above is our best analysis of current rates, however we will always attempt to find the best rate available, therefore shipping prices may change from time to time.

We use USPS and tracking information is sent via e-mail. Wholesale/bulk orders may be shipped via USPS, UPS or Fedex at our discretion, however if you have a shipping preference please notify us in advance so we may attempt to accommodate.

Do you offer free shipping?

Free shipping is offered on US orders over $100 if discount code FREESHIP100 is used. We cannot refund shipping if the code is not used at checkout. Only one discount code may be used per transaction.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes! We ship to most countries outside the US. Rates vary by country and are calculated by weight. We use USPS and additional shipping insurance can be included to cover lost or damaged packages. Please note that once a package has left the US postal system, tracking is not guaranteed and transit times vary. We are not responsible for any duty, customs, or broker fees that may be incurred on international shipments, and the buyer assumes all responsibility for any additional fees.

Unfortunately, we do not ship to the UK or Germany at this time.

If you are International and would like to make a purchase, please refer to your country's specific VAT rules. We are not responsible for any additional VAT or customs charges your order may incur upon arrival.

If you placed an order and have not received your package after an extended transit period, please reach out to use via email at wickwishcandleco@gmail.com with your order information and we will asses if an insurance claim should be filed on your behalf.

Do you combine orders?

We can combine orders that are placed within close proximity so long as the packing process has not begun. Orders must be placed under the same name and address, and have notes included at checkout that indicate combining is desired with your previous order number, or you must email us with your order numbers. Without letting us know you have multiple open orders, we cannot guarantee they will be combined. Once your combined orders ship, any applicable overages will be refunded at that time. 

Can I make changes to my order? 

Please be sure your order is complete and correct prior to checkout as we are unable to make changes or cancellations after it has been placed. However, if you missed an item and wish to add to your order, we are happy to combine them - see FAQ above for information on combining orders.

What is your turn around time (TAT)?

TATs do vary based on time of year, but in general - as most items are ready to ship - TAT is approximately 2 weeks, not including shipping time. 

How often do you restock?

Restocks vary as we continue to grow, however we aim to add to the shop once a month. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the most up to date info regarding releases, sneak peeks and upcoming products!

Do you take custom requests?

Outside of special listings we may do at our discretion form time to time, we do not take specific custom orders unless you are a wholesale buyer. We do love suggestions however, so don't hesitate to send us your ideas and you may see it in a future release.

I'm an author. Can I get a custom scent for my upcoming release?

We do work with indie authors to bring their work to life through custom scents. Our ability to fulfill custom author requests vary based on time and availability, so please reach out to us as much in advance as possible. We do require an order minimum but offer reduced rates per product to help bring your story to life. Please email us at wickwishcandleco@gmail.com with the details of your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you offer wholesale?

We offer wholesale via Faire, which you can find here. If you would like to purchase wholesale items not found on our Faire site, please reach out and start a conversation - we're always happy to accommodate when possible! to sub boxes and brick and mortar. You can reach at wickwishcandleco@gmail.com with any wholesale related inquiries.


Candle & Wax Melt FAQs

Do you recommend curing your wax? What is 'cure' anyway? 

Cure time allows the fragrance oils to properly bind with the wax in order to provide the maximum scent throw. In this sense, wax only gets better with age! We generally recommend 2-4 weeks cure minimum on all our wax products (candles and melts), however this varies by scent. Our wax will arrive to you cured at a minimum of 2 week unless otherwise stated, so you may use it right away or let it continue to cure for an even stronger throw.

While curing is good for wax, it should be enjoyed within 1-2 years of purchase for optimal performance.

What is scent 'throw'?

Throw refers to the scent released by the wax. There are both cold and hot throw. Cold throw refers to the scent of the wax when you smell it in the packaging, prior to being melted. Hot throw refers to the scent released by the wax when melted. The degree to which hot throw fills the room is often described as light, medium, or strong.  

While all of our waxes contain the maximum amount of fragrance, there are many factors that go in to a good scent throw, and they vary based on product (candle or melt). Our candles offer a more subtle scent experience, but can be optimized by the following factors: room size, external influences such as fans and A/C, and good candle care (always trim your wick!).

In regards to melts, factors include: temperature of your wax warmer, ambient room temperature, room size, and external influences such as fans and A/C. Variations in any of these factors can increase or decrease your scent throw. As a long time melter, I've found Wick Wish waxes (and those from other vendors) tend to throw best in hot plate wax melters, which are the only kind I use.

In general, each scent will vary and some may appear to throw stronger or lighter to different individuals.


How should I store my wax melts?

Wax should be stored in a cool, dark place to limit exposure to sun or extreme temperatures. There is no need to transfer the wax from the packaging you receive it in, however if you beed to re-bag for any reason, wax should be stored ONLY in polypropylene type bags, and NEVER in polyethylene (traditional ziploc type) bags or other materials such as paper bags. Ziploc or paper bags will leach the fragrance from the wax and absorb it, leaving your wax with little to no scent over time.

What does 'custom wax blend' really mean?

From soy to coconut to paraffin, and blends of each, there are literally dozens of different types of wax. Each type of wax can carry a different amount of fragrance oil. Generally, the softer the wax, the higher amount of fragrance it can carry. There are advantages and disadvantages to every wax! We have researched and experimented with all types to come up with what we believe to be the perfect blend of waxes for our melts, creating what we believe to be the ideal performance and texture.   

Candle FAQ's

How should I care for my candle?

When lighting your new candle for the first time, burn until wax melts across entire surface to the sides of the jar. This prevents tunneling, and creates an even burn for the duration of the candle’s life. This may take up to 2-4 hours. Don't let any ash or debris fall into the candle. Only burn for 2-3 hours at a time, and be sure to extinguish the light when 1/2" wax is remaining. See below for more specific information regarding the two types of wicks Wick Wish stocks:

Cotton wicks

Keep cotton wicks trimmed to 1/4" to promote an even burn, steady flame, and limit sooting/mushrooming of wick. It's best to trim the wick before each burn.

Wood wicks

Your wood wick should be between 1/8" - 3/16" prior to each burn. After each burn, snap off the burnt bits on the edge of the wood with your finger before lighting again. If the flame gets too high or too low, you may need to extinguish the candle, let it cool, and ensure the wick is free of excess ash or burnt wood.

How long will my candle last?

Our 8oz cotton wick candles have a burn time of approximately 45+ hours and our 4oz candles with cotton wicks have approximately 20+ hours when burned properly. 

What is frosting and/or wet spots?

Frosting and wet spots are natural occurrences in 100% soy wax. Both can occur after the initial pour while the wax is cooling and returning to its solid state. Frosting is a crystal formation that can appear like a white powder, while wet spots are when the wax appears to pull away from the inside of the jar. These are both natural and in no way affect the burn or scent of your candle. Since Wick Wish uses a soy-coconut blend, you will not see frosting on our candles as coconut wax is naturally resistant to frosting.

Why is my candle turning yellow?

Some fragrance oils will turn yellow when exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods of time. This is due to the UV rays interacting with the vanilla content in the fragrance oils. That's right - many fragrance oils contain actual vanilla! This process is entirely natural and will not affect the quality of the candle. To mitigate yellowing, keep candles out of direct or strong sunlight, and instead store in a cool, dark place.